Convulsions: symptoms, causes, consequences, treatment


Convulsions Meaning

Sudden attack occurs on the brain due to any bad effect due to any reason. During seizures in Convulsions, stiffness in the hands and feet, turning the eyes, numbness of the head and sometimes the body also turns blue.

Cause of Convulsions

These reasons vary by age

  1. Due to lack of oxygen at the first day of birth, lack of oxygen at birth, narcotic withdrawal in children from an intoxicated mother, cerebral hemorrhage, accidental entry of local anesthesia in the child’s head, etc.
  2. Due to prolonged and second day of birth due to delivery of tools in the child with difficulty.
  3. Due to hypoglycemia on the third day of birth.
  4. Fourth to seventh day of birth – Tieteni due to congenital texture reduction, meningitis, uterine infarction (ieatoxoplasma) Titens neonatorum etc.
  5. One month to three years of birth – high fever, calcium in dehydration, lack of magnesium, meningitis, tuberculosis, encephalitis, cerebral malaria, mumps, congenital injury, due to intake of certain medicines and poisonous substances, strong sunlight etc. Seizures may occur due to reasons.

Symptoms of Convulsions

Children have sudden seizures in Convulsions, their body becomes stiff and hands and legs start crooked. Turns eyes and grinds teeth. Sometimes, the tongue is cut off between the teeth. I get foam from it. Stool and urine are also removed. The child’s body turns blue. The fists of the hand close tightly. Excess of sweat. In high fever, body temperature rises very high. Most seizures range from a few seconds to 5–10 minutes. After this, the hands and feet relax and become normal. Flare starts in the eyes. The child regains consciousness but remains sluggish and stoic. * The child may have seizures several times a day. And may even occur after a gap of several days.

Medical method

The treatment should be done according to the symptoms. Also, find out the cause of the disease and treat it.

Supportive adjuvant therapy

At the time of the seizure, between the tongue and teeth, place a cotton piece, a piece of rubber cork (mouth gag) or a piece of wood, so that the tongue does not bite.

How to treat Convulsions

Sponging with cold water. Calmpose is a suitable medicine in all types of seizures. It should be given in a quantity of 1 / 2-1 ml with muscle or shiramarga (I.V.). If there are seizures due to fever, give ‘Paracetamol’ with diazepam. With the table. Give luminol 1/2 muffin. Bake ice cold on the head. Give Fenova tone (in all types of tours) for 3-6 mg / kg body weight for 2 years.
In the case of epilepsy, start tegritol, mezitol (200 mg tablets) in small amounts at 10-20 mg / kg body weight and continue without nagging continuously for 3 to 5 years or with the new drug balparin, sodium balpoate and valproic acid (epilex) Chrono 200-Epilex chrono 200) Give 1-1 tablets 2 or 3 times a day.
In tetany, calcium sandose can be applied at a very slow rate of 10 ml by 10% vein. After this, give 1 teaspoon of syrup calcinal-f or ‘macalvit syrup’ 2 times a day for a month. In case of convulsions due to vitamin B deficiency, injections of injections B, B, B, (Neurovion, Optineurone, Macravine Forte) should be given except for one day.

Useable in child convictions

  1. Give Ajin ‘Anuja’ 1 capsule 2 times a day.
  2. Give Braintone ‘Dhanvantari’ 1/2 teaspoon 2 times a day.
  3. Himtone ‘Himani’, take 1 spoon of liquid or 1 muffin 2 times a day.
  4. Muktarjun ‘Navkashati’, take 1 tablet with milk twice a day. Useful in epilepsy seizures.
  5. Give Tantu pashan ‘Sea’ 2-2 tablets 2 times a day. Useful in epilepsy seizures.
  6. Memofit Akshay ‘Give 1 muffin 1 time a day. Treatment of seizures. Auxiliary in medicine. Give as