Filariasis: symptoms, causes, consequences, treatment


What is Filariasis

Micro filaria causes lymphatic blockage, causing swelling of the feet and testes. This disease occurs in the warm lumbar and its adjacent areas. It is a very common disease in India and occurs in large numbers in coastal areas where the weather is hot and humid. It is estimated that about 80 million people suffer from this disease. Filariasis Its allergy leads to isophilia and bronchospasm.

Cause of disease

The disease is normally caused by a parasite called Filariasis bencafti. Eggs of this parasite reach humans from humans by mosquitoes. In the life cycle of Filariasis germ, humans can have Filaria at any age, with fixed hospitality and mosquito intermediates, but it affects men more than women. This disease is more common in urban people and afflicts more people living in slums. This disease occurs only when the person stays in the infected area for at least 3-6 months. It has been observed from the tests that these bacteria, males and females, dance together in the middle of the night at night and get into the complex blood convection and at the same time the fever also intensifies. During the day, these bacteria are not found in the blood. For this reason, the blood of the patient suffering from filariasis is tested in the sleep in the middle of the night. The period from infecting a human being to the symptoms of the disease is 12-18 months.

Filariasis Symptoms

The initial symptoms of this disease are cold bile (Urticaria), swelling of lymph nodes and lymph nodes, swelling and fever in the testicles. In this, the lymphatic glands become very fragile and the lymph nodes become red. In this disease, fever starts with tremors and persists for 1 to 3 days. First of all, there is a disorder in the glands located in the base of the thigh. In this disease, frequent attack of fever occurs. If this happens, the disease takes the form of diseases like hydrocele and accumulation of water in the testicles. The skin of the leg where there is swelling gradually becomes thick and rough. After this, there may be abscesses at the place in which lesions may form. Warts can also occur on this part of the skin and the skin becomes leathery. Due to the increase in the size of the testicular cells and swelling in the tog, sometimes the weight increases so much that the patient starts to stop moving and moving. Sometimes the weight of testicles can be up to 40-50 kg.
Although death does not occur in this disease, but ugliness, pain and disability occur. The symptoms of the disease are seen as inflammation on the upper skin of the legs. The skin of the patient’s legs becomes darker in color. The afflicted leg becomes round and thick like an elephant’s foot. On suppressing inflammation, there is a pit, but in this disease, there is no dent on pressing.

Note- In Filaria disease, symptoms of increase of topical eosinophilia are also seen.

Disease detection

Habitat in the infected epidemic area and recurrence of lymphatic duct inflammation and presence of symptoms of the disease helps in disease decision. ‘Microfilaria’ can be found in wet or dried blood stained films taken at night. Diagnosis can also be confirmed by a Complimentfixation test or an Intradermal test.

Result of disease

Kyleuria can occur due to bursting of lymph duct inflation. The urine of the patient becomes milky colored and micro filariasis is found in it. Sometimes there is Chylous ascitis or Chylous pleural effusion. It is possible for lymph to leak from the lymph nodes on the surface of the testicular sac. It is also possible to have secondary infection.

Age to be taken in elephant legs. Patent Medicine

  1. Biodoxin ‘Biotech’ adult 2 pill 3 times a day. Child 1 tablet 2 times a day.
  2. Give Schipadari ‘Mishra’ 2 capsules 2 times a day.
  3. Addition of Mishra, ‘Mishra’, this drug is very useful in the disease of pimples.

Injection therapy

In this disease, Ayurvedic Patent Injection, Shlipari (Mishra), Shothari Injection (Mishra), Shothhar Injection, Punarnava Injection (Bundelkhand, Marthand, Mishra, Pratap) etc. are useful. Note- * People think that by grinding Devdas, dry ginger, root of drumstick and mustard and applying it to ‘Shlipad’ (elephant feet), Shlipad disease leaves the pursuit forever.

Modern Medicine

Its specific drug is ‘diethyl carbamazine’ (hetrazan). This drug is 50 100 mg by mouth. It is given 3 times a day (2 mg / kg) .21 days. Two or three such courses should be given at intervals of 14-6 weeks. This drug is capable of destroying microfilariae, but has no effect on adult filariasis. Allergic reactions can occur in the patient within 2-4 days of giving the above medication. Therefore, it is advisable to give anti-histamines such as ‘Evil’ etc. with this medicine. In the event of acute inflammation an ‘antibiotic’ or ‘sulfa drugs’ should be given. In the case of lymphatic edema, it is better to keep that leg elevated during the night and wear anklet. It is beneficial to give a course of prednisolone. Ibuprofen (ibugesic) or ‘Oxyphen Butazone’ can also be given.
Once the phyla is gone, no medicine works. Therefore, surgery is required for filarial hydrocele or testicular tissue or labia majora.

Filariasis treatment

For personal protection, one should sleep with a torch. Or mosquito repellent (Odomos) or oil (oil combined with metha + peppermint) should be applied on the body. Mosquito repellent treatments like DDT spraying should be done from time to time.
Group therapy can also be given by giving diethyl carbamazine 6 mg / kg / day 7 days.