Hearing loss symptoms, causes, consequences, treatment

Introduction of Hearing loss

In this disease, the patient is not partially or fully heard. This Hearing loss can occur at any age. Sometimes it is also innate.

Major causes of Hearing loss

Hysteria disease, from fungal plugs in the external ear canal, due to injury in the brain, scab in the ear, chronic interstitial edema, damage to the auditory nerve or central nervous system, working in noisy places, There is no growth or tumor, eardrum rupture, acute interstitial otitis, old age, streptomycin, quinine, gentamicin, etc. Using the summer, bombings or may Hearing loss accidental intense voice.

Major symptoms of the Hearing loss

The ability to listen becomes slowly or fully. Hearing loss can occur in one ear or in both ears. There are many different types of sounds in the ear. Some patients sleep high. There are some people who complain of hearing less for a few days and talk about hearing correctly till the day of the car. This sequence continues throughout life in some patients. In conductive (conductor) deafness, the patient speaks slowly and in sanitary neural deafness, the patient speaks loudly. Deaf people sit quietly or walk quietly or carry on their work, oblivious to the noise of the world.

Treatment method of Hearing loss

The therapy is mainly according to the cause. That is, due to which disease Hearing loss, first destroy that disease. If the cause of deafness is earwax then clean the earwax. If there is deafness due to any foreign object moving in the ear, pull it out with caution. If the ear has become inflamed due to an external object, do not forget to tamper with the object. Reduce swelling before removing such an item. If the cause of deafness is interstitial edema, treat it with appropriate medicines.

Ancillary and supportive treatment

Excessive earwax and its drying also cause Hearing loss. In such a condition, clean the earwax. First flush the scum. After that, gently scrape the scum with caution and caution with the help of the needle or pull it out with a tweezer and pull it out. If the dirt is hardened, do not try to pull it out with tweezers. Make moist first. For this, put glycerin, titin ear drops or Waxolv in the ear. This makes the scum soft and easy to remove. If the ear curtain is not cracked or the ear is not flowing, then put hydrogen per-oxide inside the ear. This makes the dirt moist.


Mainly treat the cause first. If Hearing loss is due to yadda (eg streptomycin, gentamicin), if they are used immediately, if the ear has other scars or other obstruction, clean the ear properly. Wipe the dirt off the machine or by removing any obstruction. No treatment is available if the patient has become deaf to the ear. In order to remove this type of ear, the patient should be advised to run this type of deafness due to the rupture of the head of wearing hearing aids. This causes the patient to hear. Apart from this, no medical treatment is possible. If there is any type of wound, boil, injury etc. in the ear, find out the nature of wound, boil, pus or injury. After that make arrangements to dry the wound. For this, the patient should use antibiotics. After dehydration of the wound, if deafness is caused by the wound, it will be destroyed by itself.

Sesno-neural Hearing loss

Its treatment is difficult. The following treatments provide some benefit. If Sudden Hearing loss is of short duration then the following treatment is beneficial

(i) Specific – If a specific type of disease (such as syphilis or diabetes) is caused due to Hearing loss, treat it.

(ii) Vasodilators – The use of vasodilators in Minor Disease and Sudden deatness is expansive.

(iii) It is often advised to take vitamins (eg- Vitamin B1, B6, and B12). Vitamins A, C and E should also be used (also advised as anti-atherosclerotics).

(iv) Steroids – beneficial in suden Hearing loss.

(v) Tranquillizers – In case of tinitus, use tranquilizer and anti-depressant.

Note- In the case of sensory-neural defenses, give 1-1 tablet of tablet twice a day. Tablet cyanerone or Neurovion Forte 1-1 tablet can be taken twice a day in place of daflexital, Pentoxifylline, which comes under the patent name of Trental 400 (Irental 400).

Use of steroids, Zevit Caps. And Disprin may also be beneficial in the treatment of Hearing loss in some patients.