Hydrocele symptoms, causes, consequences, treatment

Introduction of Hydrocele

In common parlance, hydrocele is called ‘filling in vessels‘. In this, the In Testicle fluid keeps collecting in it, which swells up and increases. In this, the patient complains of a gradual swelling in the testicles. In hydrocele, the male’s testicles hang up and hang down and sometimes there is a lot of pain in them, causing great distress to the body, huge inability to do routine work. There are many difficulties in walking or physical exertion, and a large amount of problems and great guilt is felt in the mind.

Cause of Hydrocele

Mild injuries, excessive cycling or clotting, filarial disease, testicular disease, running a rickshaw day and night, walking too much, lifting heavy objects, especially with a heavy load, straightening or carrying. Excessive or frequent sexual intercourse, excessive force and stubborn bowel movements due to old constipation, persistent dream defect due to weakness or thinness of semen, eczematitis, too much fluid, suctioning process in tunica benzenealis, infection. Being hydrocytic when associated with peritoneal cavity or not being able to properly drain fluid through the lymphatic system L has its origin.

Symptoms of Hydrocele

The testicle swells and becomes large. In most cases, one side of the testis is inflated, but in some individuals the hydrocele may be on either side. The patient has difficulty in walking and working. The bottom is always heavy. The patient experiences pain due to stretch. When hydrocele occurs due to infection or injury, the patient has fever. The patient of hydrocele has difficulty in sexual intercourse (coitus). The patient has difficulty in doing heavy work or lifting weights. Hydrocele is flexible in touching. On the other hand, there appears to be a wave on the other side. Hydrocele ranges in size from lemon to melon size.

 After many scientific research and clinical trials, experts have discovered the main reason for the growth of the testicles, that day to night, heavy work is done from the legs, allowing continuous semen discharge from the semen ducts, infectious diseases like syphilis, caries, cancer, gonorrhea etc. If they do not get proper treatment, their poison comes in the testicles, schlep, gout, edema, diseases of the urinary system, meningitis If proper treatment of diseases like growth, smallpox, typhoid, etc. is not allowed to be chronic and indoors, then the poison of the above diseases affects the juice of the testicles, blood vessels and nerves, which causes disturbance in its natural function.

Diagnosis and examination

It usually produces 50 to 4 kg of water. The testicle looks like a watermelon when it grows too much. On examination, the upper end of the hydrocele can be felt comfortably. By putting light on one side of the testicle, a clear red color is seen on the other side. If there is presence of blood or poo in the testicle, then its transparency ends. On checking with light, it will look opaque. In this condition, the patient complains of pain and fever, although this disease is often spread all over India, but in eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, more people are seen suffering from it. In Cuttack (Orissa) and Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, patients with very gross filarial hydrocele weighing between 6 and 18–19 kg are seen. Many people believe that standing and drinking water after eating bananas or jackfruit also causes hydrocele. Although from the point of view of anatomy, this thing seems to be inappropriate and inconsistent and it was also seen by examining many times. Is, but no satisfactory positive (in favor) result. Therefore, as far as the truth is in such a reason, research cannot be said.

Treatment theory

Firstly attention must also be paid to the formulated air and the peace of the nervous and the expulsion of contaminated foreign liquids. In almost all cases, the patient should first drink pure castor oil mixed with the required quantity of milk, causing a slight diarrhea. If he constantly has night discharge, then he should rate it soon after taking the best drug of nightmare. First of all, check the patient thoroughly by various pathological tests and check that he or she suffers from testicular enlargement due to suffering from any of the diseases like rheumatism, gout, leucorrhoea influenza, typhoid, filariasis, gonorrhea syphilis, tuberculosis, cancer etc. Is not so. If this is the case, by treating the said disease first, we should remove the very microscopic bites and toxins of those diseases as soon as possible (by drug therapy). If possible, then surgical operation should be done by cutting and removing the foreign metal, fluid, blood, meat, purulent sac etc. after performing the surgical operation.

Specific tests are done in 2 ways-

  1. Tactile wave- In this, the upper end of the swelling is caught between the thumb and fingers of one hand, due to which the swelling gets stretched and stabilized. Now the lower end of the swelling is pressurized by the thumb and fingers of the other hand and it is seen whether the thumb and fingers of the upper end are being separated from the displaced liquid.
  2. Trans-illumination- test- It is good to do this test in the dark. In this, a pencil torch is placed on the side of the stem of the stem. The testicle is not placed immediately behind because the Venus gland enters the path of light. By doing this, a red glow will appear through complete swelling. This can be seen by turning a paper into a cylinder.

Types of hydrocele

  1. Hydrosyl in tunica vaginalis- In this condition, like testicle filled with testicles, pain in moving, irritated, soft to the touch, fever, sometimes tonic, but with equal pain and pain, by pressing them Water waves are detected inside. The testicles gradually increase in size, making them appear like watermelons.
  2. Rheumatism- Due to injuries in the testicles, rheumatism, arthritis, Malaria and acute infectious fever, such as mumps, typhoid, flu, etc., excessive masturbation and excessive chills result in testicular inflammation. It often affects one testicle and sometimes both simultaneously after another. The affected testicle swells two to three times more. Severe pain, fever growth, the skin around the testicle becomes red, light, hard and smooth. Sometimes the pain becomes so unbearable that the testicles are being torn. Such a patient sometimes comes to an unconsciousness.
  3. Filarial scrotum- This type of growth is caused by a germ called Filaria vancrafty. This type of hydrocele is similar to soft, smooth, smooth and ripe date fruit in touch. It has some itching and unruly testicles. It swells and even becomes heavy from 4 kg to 25 kg. The penis is also sometimes seen suppressed in filarial meat.
  4. Varicosyl- In this type of growth, the blood flow in the vein called one side of the testicular vein (Spermatic vein) is blocked so that their back part and capillaries are filled with blood so much that the fluid in the vein cells is sucked. Nothing remains, as a result the serum starts leaking and becomes vericose. It is especially on the left side and the veins on the deformed side become crooked and appear like worms in the pouch. There is a feeling of weight and pain when the veins become very thick. The main pain is at the waist, dream defects are more and this growth often becomes invisible when lying down.

General Medicine and Dietary Treatment

Always ask the patient to tie the langot. With this, hydrocele will be supported. Secondly, it also prevents injury. Advise the patient not to do heavy work if there is too much hydrocele. Excessive sweating leads to Fungus infection. Therefore, ask the patient to take care of cleanliness. Close the patient’s walk completely and lie down on the bed with a rest and put a small pillow under the testicle. Disease begins. Put an ice cap, then fry with hot water mixed with boric acid or tie it tightly by applying mahalaxadi oil on the egg leaves and heating it or by adding a little bit of ethiol to the glycerin belladonna or apply Algipan Cream Spread gazes and apply sticking on the affected testicles. The patient of Hydosyl should eat such things in the diet so that constipation does not remain and digestive function should be done properly. Orange, Moussmi, rice rice with fine grains, moong dal, parwal, carrot, garlic, ginger etc. should be eaten. If the patient is weak from the body, he should consume nutritious substances like pure native ghee, butter and cream. A person suffering from this disease is prohibited from cycling or rickshaw, lifting or carrying heavy objects, running, jumping, traveling for long.

  • Bericocial arises due to congenital causes in children, masturbation in young people, anal sex or animal sex, or tying bandage or trusses tightly due to entrapment or chronic kidney disorder.

Treatment – Different types of hydrocele are treated in two ways.

  1. Through drugs,
  2. By surgery (from surgical operation),

Apart from these two, they are also treated by Radium Rays, ElectroMedical machine.

  1. Treatment of Hydrocal by Drugs- Benzyl Penicillin, 5-10 lakh units of muscle, 2 times a day, injections or Procain Penicillin 4 lakh units per day. It reduces inflammation of the potholes by eliminating contaminated deformities. Give Kotra moxazole 1-1 muffin 2 times a day. Also, Neo-naclex 2.5 mg. Vali 2 muffin + diamox 1 muffin + multivitaplex fort 1 ca. Mix these three and give one quantity of water twice a day. This drug eats the inflammation of the testicles by bringing enough urine and gives strength to the heart or give calcium diuretin (Calcium diuretin) 1 tablet 2 times a day. Digoxin (eg Lenoxin) is given 1 tablet once a day after a meal. This gives strength to the heart and reduces the swelling of the testicles by opening urine. If there is painful swelling in the testicle, then Terramycin S. F. 1 capsule, Voveran S. R. Muffin, selene 100 mg Take 1 tablet of such quantity of breakfast 4 times a day and after water with food.
    If more contaminated fluid is accumulated in the testicle, then salurin. ‘2 ml of Brahmachari rischa injection. (ml.) is applied in one muscle per third day. This reduces swelling of the testicles in the urine in sufficient quantity.
    1. Caution- This injection is the sum of ‘Parad’. Therefore, before using, Urine must get knowledge of the condition of kidney by ‘test’.
      External use- Ferrous sulphate containing 1 part, sodium chloride (salt), 1 part fine powder and castor oil in 8 parts, apply it on the testicle and tie a cloth tighten the top.
      When the testicles are inflamed with pain, Glycerin-Belladona should be put on the testicles 3-4 times daily and put on a vending.
  2. Medical treatment by surgical operation- If the above medicines are relaxed enough, otherwise it should not be delayed by performing surgical treatment. By looking at the testicle, first make sure that the injection of a water-blocking drug (eg Iodine Solution, 2-5% solution of Liquified Phenol or Sodium morrhuate in a volume of 2 ml.) Into a thin needle With the disease, the disease will be cured or will have to be extensively operated. If the taping will be cured by the deed then do it first. Re-contaminated water is not produced when the two layers are interconnected due to the effect of taping function. Or by operation, the fluid is removed by making an incision in protrusion or inflammation and the layers of the tunica vaginalis are sewn up.

In the treatment of orchites, such drugs are used to remove all the symptoms of inflammation, as well as to destroy the above disturbances (such as redness of the skin, hardness and smoothness) and intolerable pain. Therefore, take 2 tablets of Kotra moxazole 2 or 3 times a day. Give diclofenic sodium (Vovaron) or Pneumocylla 1-1 tablets 2 times a day or 3 times as needed. Or give the combined form of neurosilide paracetamol in tablet form. Algicort or prednisolone + analgesin first take 2 tablets then one tablet twice daily. Also the injection tetracycline (Terramycin Injection) was 2 ml. Add one day to the meat. These injections are relocated to the deep meat of the bum. Never put this injection in your arm or S / C.
External use- spread glycerin on belladonna cloth and tie it on the testicles every day. This removes pain and redness.

If egg gland acute infectious fever; For example, if due to typhoid, flu, mumps, etc., give cephalexin 1-2 tablets per 6 hours and apply one injection of Omnadin to the deep bile of the bum every day or every third day.

In Ayurveda, patented drugs are given in the treatment of Hydrocele.

Septilin Himalaya 1-1 muffins are given 3 times a day.

Good treatment is done only by drug injection etc. However, if the ovaries have become swollen due to excessive inflammation, it has produced pus and has become completely deformed or crushed the ovaries due to acute injury or solid shock, causing the flow as well as the deathly unbearable pain. So in this case, first of all, by ripping the uterus very carefully, removing the contaminated pus and destroyed fibers inside it, making it completely devoid of disorder. The attempt is made, but if it does not get so out of the cut mutilated Andgrnthi operations success.
Filarial testicle growth- If the disease is in the initial stage, then taking 2-2 tablets of carbamazepine (Hetrazan, Benocide, Unicabizan) 2 or 3 times a day for 21 days is beneficial. We have to conduct 2-3 courses of this type. Filocid 3 was found in this pathology. Injections of muscle should be done in this way for a total of 6 to 12 injections per third day. Or apply an injection of Florocid to the muscle once a week. In this way a total of 4 to 8 injections.
For external use- Mix potassium permanganate 4 asphalt and 6 ounces of oil of oil – both keep in the sun for 24 hours. Use when you get enough. Rub on the scrotum that is infected with filariasis. Ultimately, the operation remains the only option if there is no benefit.
Varicosyl- This disease is mostly found in long standing individuals like peons and watchmen.

The small varicosyl provides comfort by tying a ventilated bandage with ventilation. Relaxation occurs in large baricosils in which the spermatheca hangs down.

In treatment summary

Testicular inflammation treatment-

  • Dressing is done with mag-mag.
  • Tetracycline 250 mg. 1-2 capsules and vitamin C 100 mg. 1 tablet morning noon, evening, 3 times a day.

Treatment of spermatheca- Paint of glycerin Veladona on the testicle is tied and bandaged. If the pus gets stuck, then the bandage is tied by applying mag-mag. The bandage is replaced every third day and tetracycline 250 mg. 1-2 capsules and Vitamin C (Vit-C) 100 mg. One tablet is given 3 times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening. It is given for a week or an injection of tetracycline.