Impotency symptoms, causes, consequences, treatment

Impotency defination

Impotence is the name of a disease in which a man is unable to engage in sexual intercourse even when he wants to, and his coping power is reduced. That is, impotence is the inability of a man to successfully perform sexual intercourse with a woman in the absence of sexual desire, due to early semen ejaculation or in the absence of sexual enhancement. Many men also have intense sexual desire and there is no shortage in erections (standing) of their penis, it is perfectly fine but they are unable to maintain the standing of the penis till the end of sexual intercourse. They ejaculate during courtship or immediately after inserting the penis into the woman’s vagina (genitals) and are unable to satisfy their wife nor be content with themselves. Therefore, this condition also impotence. The same will be said and such men will be called impotent because of what work of erecting a gender which cannot calm the woman’s soul.

Reason of impotence

Any trauma related to sex in childhood, indulging in excessive sex at a young age, going to prostitutes more, considering sex as dirty, believing in more religion and worship, masturbating more than other physical ailments like diabetes, heart disease Etc., due to excessive intoxication, any loss of birth in the testicles, premature ejaculation, prolonged ejaculation of semen , Excessive semen decay, excessive female context, injury to the penis, testis or groin, prolonged disease, enlargement (obesity), dream defect, fear of sexual intercourse, scrotum or shortening of the penis (congenital), undergrowth or her Cut off, turpentine, antimony, camphor bromide, etc. There can be many reasons for impotency, consumption of sedatives or toxins for a long time.

Symptoms of impotence

Despite trying, there is no tension in the penis. The man finds himself unable to do it despite the desire for sex. There is some tension in the penis, but it ends as soon as it goes to the woman. Such a man tries to avoid coitus with some excuse. He is also afraid to go to a woman. As soon as you start mating, the body starts to sweat, the sauce starts to bloom. Heart starts to panic. The patient lacks self-confidence, he starts worrying day and night. There is no mind in any work. There is always guilt. The patient likes being in solitude more. He does not sleep properly at night, body and head aches. The man is more angry with the woman for hiding her weakness. In such a patient, there is severe disappointment. The man is sad and very sad. The impotent patient mixes with his disease night and day. His heart beats and often the patient remains constipated. There is no food and drink.

Remember – in impotency a man desires a female affair all the time. But he is unable to have sex with his woman. He is afraid of going to a woman due to weakness of his Guptendriya (penis). Even if he dares to have a female affair in any way, the man soon starts to breathe, sweating from the body and there is no proper stimulation in his sense. In this way, the man is embarrassed and very sad.

  • It has been proved by investigation and study that most of the men have impotency due to mental reasons. Only 5 to 10 percent of men have primary impotence. Only some mental problem leads them to impotence.
  • Due to lack of male hormones in adolescence, the reproductive organs are not fully developed, due to which the patient becomes impotent.

Some men have had masturbation, sodomy, animal sex and excessive sexual intercourse, due to which they are unable to achieve orgasm further. The following impotence symptoms are found in such men.

  1. Not having the desire to have sex or not being able to do this action despite desire.
  2. Such people do not believe in themselves whether they will succeed in sex or not. Therefore, due to this fear, distrust, restlessness, they themselves lose their confidence and are unable to engage in sexual activity.
  3. In such men, symptoms of Spermatorrhoea and Pre-ejaculation are found.
  4. The penis becomes thin, sinuous and loose and blue-blue veins emerge on the penis. The root of the penis is thin, the tip is thick, small, the geminal part of the penis (glans of penis) becomes suppressed and the penis becomes incomplete.
  5. The patient becomes humbled and impatient and his self-confidence is lost.
  6. Semen is diluted like water and the metal comes out while leaving urine.
  7. The testicles are small, flabby and inflammatory.
  8. Face is faceless, body weak, face becomes yellow and white.
  9. The sense becomes loose and loose, due to which the penis is not stimulated and soon ejaculation occurs. Digestive power is slowed, women have a desire for affair but are unable to have sex.
  10. Due to the weakness of the sex sensation, the woman is afraid to come into contact and even if she has sex with courage, she soon becomes breathless and starts sweating in the body and the senses are not able to get excited and hard.

Diet therapy of Impotency

Take 4-5 days fruit. Take juice for 3 days. Stay on lemon, water, honey for 3 days. In the last two days, just stay on water and do full fast ‘and burn water. After that, while on rasahar, boiled vegetables and fruits, get back to normal diet in 5 days. In normal practice, take the following natural diet that enhances sex energy. Drink 3-4 glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Retired from toilet activities, 20 minutes morning excursion, 10 minutes posture, meditation, pranayama followed by breakfast soaked 8 almonds, 25 raw peanuts, 5 figs, 20 grapes, 8 dates or dates, pumpkin seeds 20 grams , 50 grams of sprouted wheat, one gram of sprouted gram, moong, mont etc. took 300 grams. Take cow’s milk. Take chlorophyll juice of wheat leaves after 2 hours of breakfast. Carrot, beet, turnip, spinach, tomato, gourd, mint, coriander juice can also be taken. Vitamins ‘E’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ are found abundantly in vegetable juices. All these sexes are additional sources of energy. Pumpkin seeds contain testosterone and androgen hormones and zinc, which increases sex power. Spinach, 4 hours pre-sprouted wheat flour, thick bread leavened wheat flour 3-4, boiled vegetables, garlic 5-7, sprouted grains, curd, soybean buttermilk, coconut, coriander and sprouted grains for lunch Take salad of chutney, onion and fresh green vegetables. In the mid-day, take fresh fruit or salad, chaat or vegetable juice juice according to the season. Eat less than 1 roti in the evening meal like hunger. Eat light in the evening and before sunset.


Avoid tobacco consumption. Abandon it completely. Long-term ingredients, moong and lentils, brinjal, oven-bread, red chillies, oil and oil-made items, jaggery and jaggery items, vegetable ghee and its ingredients, fried items and sweets, etc. should be released. Apart from this, protect the patient from other inaudible items.

diet for impotence

In the diet, green and yellow fruits and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, papaya, spinach, bathua, beetroot and radish leaves are found in vitamin ‘A’ and kerotin. It helps in the production of sex hormones. Sprouted wheat, peas, moong, moth, gram, milk, curd, sweet potato, vidarkand etc. are found in vitamin B-3 or nisin. By using it, extreme state of sexual pleasure is attained. Ripe bananas, sprouted wheat, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, chironji, peanuts, almonds, coconut, etc. are found in the dried fruits and nuts, which keep the sexual desire evergreen, providing the joy of orgasm. Vitamin B situated in Hathkuta Usna rice, sprouted wheat, moong, moth, urad, lentils, sesame, soybean makes sex life simple and enjoyable. Vitamin B-2 increases sexual energy and replenishes youth, excitement and waves. Vitamin B-2 in milk, yogurt and cheese arouses, creates and preserves sex feeling. Lecithin found in soybean, eggs, sesame, peanuts and “acetylcholine” increases the duration of kamacrida. Lecithin and gold have an important role in the manufacture of semen. Inositol plays a special role in keeping puberty evergreen. Amla, guava, pineapple, grapes, oranges, seasonings, limes, sprouted alpha and other grains found in vitamin ‘C’ converts cholesterol into sex hormones.

vitamin e for Impotency

To reach extreme pleasure in sex, it is very important to consume vitamin ‘E’ (E). Vitamin ‘E’ is called anti sterility vitamin. It removes sex inactivity. Eliminates the toxic effects of the vaginal tract. Vitamins (E) are found in coconut, wheat germination (jabra), rice kani, peanuts, soybeans, cabbage, spinach, carrots. Sprouted fenugreek and honey contain natural plant steroid which produces sex hormones. Later the herbs of the country, Echinacea and Ginseng of China, fennel, mulethi, ashwagandha, Brahmi cloves of India, cardamom, anantamool, wheatgrass juice, gum, garlic, lentil sugar, vidarkand, mishri, urad, almond, fenugreek Laddu, raw coconut, musli powder, banana, sesame seeds are all food enhancing sex power.

Medical method

Instead of getting proper treatment for their disease, the patients hide their disease and the satchel impressions fall into the trap of doctors or and alleged experts, which gives them no success. Weird methods are being adopted to remove impotence, whose following information is being given. In western countries, many types of methods are used to remove impotency. Medicines such as papaverine, pantalamine, and prostaglandin E-1 are used to regulate and control blood circulation in the narrow, hard arteries of the penis. Besides, applying painless vaccine next to the penis with a fine needle keeps the penis hard, stiff and excited for 10 minutes. 2. Another technique is to have a small pump, another device in the testicle which makes the ligate hard by inflating. A small fluid conductor is implanted in the penis and in the abdomen. During copulation, pressing the pump to harden the penis, the fluid goes into the penis and gets ready to be weighed. Pressing the second valve of the pump relaxes the penis. 3. The vacuum system is also trying to prepare the loose penis for intercourse. In this, one or more flexible, rigid rings and a cylinder are given to the impotent people with a hand operated battery pump. Apply the cylinder to the penis. Blood is drawn into the penis by creating a vacuum (void). The cylinder is removed and tightened but soft flexible rings are offered to take part in the ritual activity.

General Medicine and Physiotherapy

Relax 15-20 minutes after meals or sit on Vajrasana. Be on fruit once a week. If the impotent patients are obese then lose weight by diet control and natural medicine. Increase weight by thin and skinny milk, etc. Like impotence, in women, work is also seen in the condition of aversion to coldness. In women, physical, mental treatment of coldness towards work, natural yoga therapy is definitely beneficial. Treatment of impotence and coldness is definitely beneficial by doing natural medicine with strong faith and strong faith. Obese people can be free from sexual debility and impotency by reducing the amount of fat in food and reducing weight through proper dietary exercise.

Use Injection for Impotency

  1. Injection Aquaviron 25 mg. ‘Nicholas Co.
    1 ml 2 times a week in muscle. It can be given for 4 to 6 months.
  2. Inj. Testoveron-25 mg. ‘N German Remedies’
    Give the above quantity.
  3. Injection Testoviron Depot 25 mg (Inj. Testoveron depot-25 mg.) ‘German Remedies’
    Apply 1 ml of muscle every week.
  4. Injection Sustanon-250 (Inj. Sustanon-250)
    2 ml of muscle (on the hip) every 2 or 3 weeks.
  5. Injection Testanon 25 mg. . 50 mg ‘for’
    Apply 25 mg / ml twice a week to the muscle.
  6. Injection testoviron depot – 100 mg. (Inj. Testoviron depot. 100 mg.) “German Remedies’
    1 ml each week in muscle.
    Remember- apply all these injections deeply at the hip.

The latest drugs which are available in the markets nowadays have proved more successful. A new drug ‘Mesterolone‘ has been introduced which is very useful in impotency, it increases the amount of sperms as well as develops the male reproductive organs. . This brings good tension in the penis again and again and brings the ability to stand up.