Premature ejaculation symptoms, causes, consequences, treatment


Ejaculation of semen before premature ejaculation is called premature ejaculation. According to Johnson, a renowned sexologist, when a person is unable to mate on his own and ejaculates without satisfying his wife, the disease is called premature ejaculation. After repeated attempts, the patient is unable to control the failure due to failure and ejaculates before reaching the peak of excitement. When the penis enters the vagina or outside the vagina in a tussle position, semen is released. Premature ejaculation is described by many definitions. A condition in which a person ejaculates semen in 20 seconds after inserting the penis into the vagina. .

  1. After penetration of the penis into the vagina, a person cannot hold his semen for a full minute.
  2. It has many conditions in every person. Some people consider ejaculation occurring before vaginal penetration, some ejaculation occurring immediately after vaginal penetration, and some ejaculation occurring after 10-12 seconds of penetration (sex).
  3. “The time from ejaculation to semen ejaculation is 2 to 4 minutes, which is normal, but if ejaculation occurs within 2 minutes of vaginal penetration, it is called ‘premature ejaculation’. But some people So before engaging in sexual activity, ejaculation takes place in the foreskin itself, it is also premature ejaculation. Before reaching the peak, the person goes through many periods, in which the person gets excited. Due to stimulation at the extremity, some special muscles of his penis get compressed and he ejaculates. That is why he is unable to continue the sex activity for too long and both do not get pleasure.
  4. Most of the time of 30 to 60 seconds is enough to calm a woman’s sexual arousal. If the penis has been pre-sexualized before inserting it into the vagina and the woman has become more aroused. In such a situation, the woman soon reaches Charmottasima.
  • Premature ejaculation is most prominent among male sexual diseases. It is estimated that more than half of India’s men suffer from the disease. It is often seen that in the absence of sexual education, many people in adolescence or puberty do not realize that they make some mistakes that make their marital life miserable.
    The coitus period usually ranges from 4 minutes to 10 minutes in healthy and normal men. During this period, women also stimulate themselves. (If there is no excitement in the past) and also get satisfaction. This is sufficient time to satisfy the work of women. The intercourse period was greatly prolonged by following some male restraint and rules. In 1989, the couple (husband and wife), who had finished secretly in Sweden in a male-female contest, had a total of 25 hours 37 minutes.
    The intercourse period of the patient of premature ejaculation is very short. Often, the patients of this disease are unable to do sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse). Sometimes they are ejaculated within 10-15 seconds or they lay their hands on the wife’s body. Premature ejaculation is not a hereditary or contagion, for which the man himself is guilty. Even if the patient wants premature ejaculation, he does not get the rock of his semen and ejaculates. A man is considered to be suffering from premature ejaculation if he is not able to calm his wife’s sexual arousal at least 50% of the time in his marital life. There is no time limit. still-
    There is no criterion for how long the ejaculation period should be, how long ejaculation should occur or how soon ejaculation is considered to be premature ejaculation. It cannot be measured in time. To reach a woman’s climax, it is necessary to perform 60 to 100 strokes (called rapid thrusting while pushing the penis in and out of the vagina repeatedly). Therefore, if a person does not hit 60 strikes, or ejaculates before that, then he is considered a patient of premature ejaculation. Additionally, the semen should be ejaculated with a jerk. In premature ejaculation, semen does not ejaculate with shock. According to some scientists, the time of interruption of semen in sexual intercourse is 2 to 5 minutes for a perfectly healthy normal man to remain in constant state of attrition.

Cause of disease

It is virtually a mental problem. Anxiety, ignorance of sexual relations, thinking of themselves as incomplete, masturbation in puberty and fear of ejaculation on dreaming also cause a state of premature ejaculation. Many times ejaculation occurs even when you are away from home for a long time and when you are ready for coitus on return. Over-excitement and excitement is also somewhat responsible for the state of premature ejaculation. Stress or discord in husband and wife is also a reason. Sometimes a disease like diabetes can also be a reason. This can also be due to misunderstandings and inability to not cohabitate in a stimulating environment for a long time. Unnatural or sodomy, extreme female infatuation, stale or excessive consumption of semen drugs, increase of semen naturally in the body, constipation, (in case of constipation, you should continue to clean the stomach by swallowing). At the time of sexual intercourse, the woman’s indifference, inactivity, she is not able to ejaculate herself due to not taking interest in her intercourse process, which is considered to be soon ejaculated even if the man ejaculates at the right time.

Symptoms of disease

The patient of premature ejaculation is always afraid from inside. He is irritable with nervousness and trouble. It takes a very short time to have sex with a woman. The semen gets ejaculated just by touching the genitals or by inserting the penis into the vagina or by observing the beauty of the genitals. (Sahal, sniff, touch, stay away). Only ejaculation ejaculates semen. Later, semen gets removed only by meditation. The sooner or more the patient shows nervousness, the sooner the semen falls. This causes frustration in the patient. There are some people (male and female couples) who try to calm their sexual aids by wearing clothes for fear of pregnancy, due to which the man gets premature ejaculation etc. Premature ejaculation also affects a woman. Because when the wife of a man who suffers from premature ejaculation is repeatedly aroused but his sexual desire is not calm, there is constant pain in his clothes and abdominal area.

Result of disease

Stress or discord in husband and wife is also a consequence of this. Sometimes a disease like diabetes can also be a reason. Failure to try again and again under these conditions also results in failure. This causes frustration and inferiority in the husband, and the husband starts to clap only through sexual relations or going to the wife. Early fall leads to self-aggrandizement in the male and he suffers from inferiority complex and commits the heinous crime of committing suicide. After a few years the man suffers from a severe impotence. Actually premature ejaculation is a prior symptom of impotence. If the man gets appropriate treatment at this time, then he does not have to face impotence.

General and incidental treatment

Premature ejaculation is a physical-mental disease and like other diseases it can also be overcome. Generally, to remove the defect of premature ejaculation like all diseases, first the causes that cause this disease should be removed. Thus we come to the conclusion that premature ejaculation can be overcome in two ways.

  1. Avoidance or caution and
  2. Drug therapy (especially Ayurvedic treatment). These measures can be understood as follows-
  3. Abandonment of masturbation – Unmarried people should first get rid of their disease, and then get married. Married youth should also forget to masturbate and try to get full enjoyment of the confluence by cohabiting with the wife.
  4. Abandonment of pornography and blue films – Artificial excitement arises from reading pornography and watching blue films. We should immediately abandon both of them and take natural stimulation. The wife’s medium is the best for taking natural stimulation. Natural stimulation can be achieved by his kisses, hugs, and sweet talks with her.
  5. Abandonment of narcotics and power-enhancing drugs – To get rid of premature ejaculation, narcotics and power-boosting drugs should be abandoned as soon as possible.
  6. There are certain rules to be followed to avoid regular intercourse – premature ejaculation. This prevents premature ejaculation as well as work pleasure can be increased manifold. Both men and women should have sexual intercourse after having a bath after two or three hours of taking light food during the night, with a happy heart. A healthy couple can enjoy daily communion by following these rules. Every young couple should decide the time and time interval. For example, if you do a congregation (female affair) at eleven o’clock every day, always do a female affair at eleven o’clock. If the collapse ends soon, the work force will be more than normal. Sometimes the patients of early collapse go to the prostitute and try to cure their disease, it is very fatal. Many diseases such as early collapse are caused by going to prostitutes, they are not diagnosed.
  7. Practice of normal life- The patient of premature ejaculation should try to lead a systematic life to get rid of this disease. For this, getting up at a certain time in the morning, having breakfast on time, taking lunch and dinner and regular exercise is necessary. The patient of premature ejaculation should get at least 8 hours of sleep. One should read children’s literature or religious literature with moral values ​​at bedtime.
  8. Abuse of misdeeds like masturbation, unnatural or anal sex, excessive sexual intercourse etc.
  9. If nightmares are severe, get them treated.
  10. Do not consume overpricing or ejaculatory drugs.
  11. In the event of constipation, stomach should be cleaned by taking preventive medicines.
  12. If there is any local disease like ‘gonorrhea’ in the genitals, treat it.
  13. Do not keep a gap of more days between the two sex acts.
  14. Focus on your woman while having sex, do not settle any other woman in the mind.
  15. Before sexual intercourse, do not spend more time than necessary in primate insects like clasp, murders of the lips, lips, cheeks or kisses of the cutaneous area.
  16. If there is premature ejaculation due to excess of blood and semen in the body, food should be taken in small quantities and semen-enhancing substances like meat, fish, eggs, ghee, urad dal etc. should not be consumed. More women should not make contact.
  17. The patient of premature ejaculation should adopt the right technique of sexual intercourse. The correct technique will be described further.


Apart from this, among other reasons, prostitute, time-girl, dirty, ugly, older woman, old woman who is not interested in you; Having sex with her, physical and mental fatigue, looking in the mirror at the time of sexual intercourse, or looking at erotic pictures, the woman is not ready for sex, this will not allow the woman to ejaculate with the male and the man while trying for sufficient hindrance Will be ejaculated soon. Teens and teenagers are extremely attractive towards each other. They always experience a special kind of anxiety to find each other. This condition is more prevalent among unmarried youths and women. This type of attraction generates a special kind of attraction in them, which gives them a strong feeling. The same kind of strictness is also found when reading pornographic interests. In our country pornography and black films are easily available. So there is no problem in getting them easily. Blue films have become so popular that many young and old people watch them with great passion. Pornography and blue films have a direct impact on Sachs. Sometimes people get confused by reading allele literature or watching blue film. Apart from this, there is also the habit of masturbation. The excitement of reading pornography or watching blue movies arises. If there is no proper system for its mitigation, the handmarathon remains a solution. Married men or women can also become victims of an early fall after intercourse in a state of extreme excitement. Not only is this enough in relation to blue film, but it also gives rise to impotence.
Due to lack of opportunity of sexual intercourse for some reason, semen keeps getting collected in the shakras and the libido of the man is greatly increased and there is more excitement in his genitals. Therefore, for the first time or in the beginning once or twice, it becomes premature ejaculation.
During masturbation, hard friction makes the ends of the nerves on the penis become more sensitive, which ejaculates the semen before or during sexual intercourse, ie, premature ejaculation occurs.
Note- Premature ejaculation leads to partial impotence because the person who cannot properly penetrate into the vagina through the penis, what is the benefit of standing of his penis. After a few days, such a person becomes full impotence.
Remember – before sexual intercourse, such as hugs, orgasms, lips and cheeks or kisses of the cheeks or clitoris, etc., it takes a long time to develop a strange body tremor. After ejaculation, semen ejaculation occurs soon.
Not only this – the fear of ejaculation of semen makes a man think that the sooner the penis is inserted into the woman’s vagina, the more the obstruction will be. In this hurry, he does not stand up well, inserts into the vagina.
Prostitution – An important cause of premature ejaculation is prostitution. It is often seen that some men neglect their woman and start prostituting or prostituting – or when the wife is gone, they start resorting to prostitution in case of menstruation. Along with this, many unmarried and widower (whose wife dies) also prostitute. Prostitution causes premature ejaculation in three ways. First – the prostitute does not have excitement during intercourse, so the excitement of the man who accompanies her begins to decrease gradually. While prostituting, the man is afraid of the police and slander. This fear forces him to get free time and the third is usually a prostitute with 10 to 30 men a day. In such a situation, to avoid the trouble of sexual intercourse, she applies a special type of cream in her sexual organ, which makes the man ejaculate quickly.

Ayurvedic Medicine

If the patient does not see the desired benefit from the above medicines, then he can be given some ejaculatory medicines used in indigenous medicine such as ‘Madananand Modak’ etc. If there is premature ejaculation due to excess sexual arousal, then semen is ‘Stambhavan vati’ one. Take the tablet with milk half an hour before bedtime or take 2-2 tablet of Speeman Forte (Himalaya Drugs Co.) morning, noon and evening for 6 weeks. Also, apply a little neuralcanal ointment or apply ‘butyl cream’ on the penis or put a jelly of 2% jellyok on the penis. By doing this, the penis sensation becomes void (numb). If you have sex for half-a-hour after applying ointment or cream, then you will be late or have sex with French leather. This also reduces sensitivity. If one does not help prevent the quick ejaculation of semen, then make two condoms. By doing this, ejaculation of course takes place sometime.
Before using Stambhakari yoga, it is necessary to make the body strong, semen by consuming nutritious medicines and food. Which may be due to taking care of the proper diet for a regular meditation for at least 2 to 6 months, because in the absence of confirmation of the body, the appropriate column is not able to do its work. It is advisable to make the body strong and strong by taking the confirmation yogas that do the first market.
To get rid of premature ejaculation, the above mentioned measures should be used and in addition, one of the following experiments should be done at least forty-four days.
First experiment –
Almonds – 500 mg.
Poppy seeds – 150 grams
Green cardamom – 20 grams
Mishri – 150
Gram should be made finely by grinding these four pieces and should drink 10 grams twice a day with 250 ml milk twice a day on an empty stomach and before bed at night.
Second experiment
Almonds – 200 kernels
Honey – 400 grams
5 almonds per day should be soaked in water at night and peeled almonds on the next morning and grind them finely. Also, 10 grams of honey mixed with it should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning.

To strengthen the body

Grind the washed urad dal (without peeling) with water on the cob. Then put ghee in the pan and fry it on fire, remove it when it becomes ruddy. Now put roasted lentils in the said ghee in hot milk and cook on a low flame. When the kheer becomes like, then mix the sugar candy in it. Thereafter, take small amounts in the morning every day.
This kheer is strong and heavy, so the quantity of its dose should be increased as soon as it is digested. Eating this kheer for 45 days regularly strengthens the body.

  • Similarly, by consuming carrot halwa, confirmation of semen, increase in sexual power and increase the body’s vigor.
    • Most men believe that drinking by drinking alcohol (alcohol) increases ‘obstruction’. It is also right to believe so. The reality is that alcohol frees the brain from worries and causes a slight dysfunction in the muscles. In other words, it also has sedative effects. Therefore, the credit for increasing ‘blockage’ is not to the alcohol, but to the alcohol present in it. Therefore, to relieve the brain of those premature ejaculation patients whose daily schedule is very busy or who have failed in sexual intercourse many times, the doctor can advise to take peg alcohol at the time of twilight when the patient has many opportunities in sexual intercourse But if you succeed, the liquor can be stopped.

Premature Ejaculation Ayurvedic Patent Medicines

  1. Inner ‘AVS’
    1 ca Give the festival with food 2 times a day for 40 days and give 1 capsule with milk for 1 hour before sexual intercourse.
  2. Motiv ‘Trio’
    Adult 1-2 ca. Give twice a day.
  3. Ojax Fort ‘Arya’
    Give 1-2 cakes with milk.
  4. Ozomain ‘Physichem’
    2 ca Take it for 60 days before sleeping with hot milk for 2 hours. Premature ejaculation will definitely go away.
  5. Palarvin Fort ‘Charak’
    Adults should take 1-2 tablets twice a day with milk.
  6. Rejuvite ‘Sea’
    Give 1-2 capsules daily.
  7. Vigo Cap ‘PlanetTach’
    Adult 2 ca. Give it 2 times a day with milk.
  8. Virilax ‘TTK’
    Provide 3 dragons daily with milk.

Other tools to prevent premature ejaculation

  1. Asana prevalent during asana parivar-samagam (female-subject-coits) in which the woman is below and the man is on top of her and enters her penis in a standing position by repeatedly pushing it inside the vagina (female pubic). And pulls outwards, should not be used, because this gives a lot of stimulation to the man, which makes him ejaculate quickly. Therefore, to avoid premature ejaculation, this asana should be reversed, that is, the woman should be on the man. It is more active than men and women. She gets very excited by rubbing her ‘bhaganasa’ and labia majora repeatedly on the penis, which gives her wonderful pleasure. Also, man gets such joy too. In this posture, the man remains inferior, so he does not ejaculate quickly. As in this posture. Only when the woman reaches the climax, then, by changing the posture, the man should come on top of the woman and the woman should be brought down. In this situation, a man should try to ejaculate by creating more excitement in himself.
    It is a very good posture for a sensual woman, because in this posture she enjoys a lot and the woman performs all the actions that a man does while working.
  2. The right technique of sexual intercourse – In fact, sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse with the woman) should be done only when both men and women are fully prepared for it, so that both of them ejaculate at the same time. As soon as the desire to have sex is awakened, the man immediately becomes excited, but the woman does not feel excitement in this way. Rather, the man has to stimulate him by various measures. Therefore, before sexual intercourse (penetration of the penis into the vagina), his sexual urge is increased so much by gun kissing and courtship (he starts to express himself with a gesture that immediately the penis enters his vagina. Go) should not start sexual intercourse immediately. Tap the various gon of the woman, rub her oranges and mourn them, lick the foreskin of the breasts again and again with the tongue, caressing them and at the same time see the genitals repeatedly while kissing, meanwhile, between her thighs and her back. Kiss also, touch the genitals again and again. PK is the most aphrodisiac center in the body, the nipple of the breast and the clitorice located above the external channel. By kneading the nipples as well as rubbing the clitoris with the other hand, within a short period of time, the woman ignites and a smooth, fluid is released from her vagina, which makes the vagina smooth and wet. This makes attrition natural and convenient during sex. When aroused, the secretion of cowper glands comes out of the penis of the male. There are two benefits of this secretion – one, it makes the front part of the penis (penis) smooth, which facilitates it to enter the vagina, secondly the urethra becomes alkaline, which does not destroy the sperms. This is the best time, when a man should enter his penis in the woman’s vagina, so that she reaches the climax soon. A man should not try to have sex without getting fluidity in the vagina, otherwise dry friction increases the chances of premature ejaculation.

In the opinion of experts

Sex experts say that most of the women are interested in having their vaginal sex done before the division. Vaginal vaginal mouth is more important in sexual intercourse. In order to arouse women, deep kiss and caressing of their lips, neck, breasts, waist, tree, buttocks and vaginal area should be done. Lick, should be kissed. These provocative sports bring the woman to the top of sexual arousal. In such a state of sexual arousal women She starts supporting the man in sexual intercourse.
When women become fully aroused, their breasts become hard. The clitoris becomes taut and it swells and becomes thick. In such a situation, wherever there is a light touch on the woman’s body, there begins to feel a headstrong head. From the Chamban clasp, etc. slowly, then she starts falling with a red thread in her eyes, she starts to clap and clap. A type of secretion starts from the vagina, due to which the vagina starts to smooth and its size also increases slightly. His eyes are closed and breathing becomes intense. She starts pulling the man towards her and holding her in his arms. Answer of kisses starts with kisses and starts jerking by lifting the waist. This is the stage which gives satisfaction to the woman by bringing the joy of the climax to the orgasm process.

People with premature ejaculation should pay attention to these

  • Those who are prone to premature ejaculation should keep at least light in the room during sexual intercourse at night. Do not put lights if possible. The main reason for this is that the man gets excited by seeing the naked body of the woman. It does not happen to a woman. They do not get excited by looking at the male body so soon. Some men want to have sex with their penis before they enter sex. The disease of premature ejaculation should be avoided completely because there is a strong possibility of ejaculation soon. Before entering sex after marriage, men want to use some lubricant, bitter oil etc. on it. They consider this work to be done by the hands of his wife, good and enjoyable. Here too, patients with premature ejaculation should avoid such behavior. If you want to apply any type of cream etc. on the penis, then apply it with your own hands.
  • The position after gender penetration is of great importance. Stimulation of the penis increases with penetration. The heat within the vagina also intensifies the stimulation. Premature ejaculation patients should leave the body completely loose after entering the vagina within the penis. Do not start friction immediately. Control your excitement by stopping for a few seconds (for a few seconds or minutes). Then count it five times and hit it. Leave the body loose again. Meanwhile, talk away from wife’s sex. Do not even bring to mind that you are doing sex. After a few pauses, when you feel the increased excitement has diminished. Then again do 5 strokes of the count and calm down. It is to be taken care of here that during sex, do not have any kind of sex related and vulgar talks. The advantage of this will be that the stimulation of sex will decrease and the time of ejaculation will increase.
    In general, if even a patient of premature ejaculation tries to understand and follow it, then it will be of great benefit, but also keep in mind that for the correct diagnosis and treatment of this problem from any qualified doctor or sexologist The proper way is to solve your problem together. It should not be delayed.