Sciatica symptoms, causes, consequences, treatment


Pain that arises from pain in the nervous ‘sciatica nerve‘ which goes out of the buttocks and goes to the ankles. It is also called ‘langi ka shool’.

Causes of Sciatica

It is caused due to chills, injury, arthritis, wind, syphilis, continuous pressure on the pulse ‘Sciatica Nervous’ (as in sitting in a chair), some diseases of Pelvis, excess walking etc. This disease usually occurs between 40 and 50 years of age.

Symptoms of Sciatica

In this pain, from the buttocks to the back of the knee. A streak of pain appears to be stretched to the part and sometimes to the heel. This pain may also intensify and Halkahlka. The patient feels heavy pain and has to hold a bed. In this disease, one side pulse first. There is pain in the sciatic nerve. This pain sometimes stops. It is felt from the back side of the knee to the ankle. This pain sometimes occurs in one leg and sometimes in both legs.

* Usually, the disease is aggravated by movement at night. The disease is often seen to increase due to cold. In some patients, this pain also decreases with movement.

Sciatica Recognise

Path to the sciatic nerve or its branches. But if medicines and patient feel pain, then consider Sciatica disease.

Result of Sciatica

If the disease continues for a long time, the muscles of the legs and thighs become dry.

Treatment method, diet, adjuvant therapy and ancillary therapy

First of all, remove the root cause in medicine. Give full rest. Heat the place of pain, bake it. Give dye-a-thermo. Apply a heat pad. Infrared lamps can be applied. Keep the stomach of every possible patient clean, never allow constipation.

Do not let the patient eat constipation-related things. Supportive treatment – Put a bag of sand on both sides of the leg in which the patient is in pain so that he cannot move it around. Always tie the sick place with cotton. Fill the hot water bottle with hot water and keep medicines from the disease. Apply crepe bandage to the painful area. Massage olive oil on the feet in a warm room and squeeze the waist. Massage the Mahanarayan oil lightly, slowly and slowly.

Age to be consumable in home. Patent Medicines

  1. Actiflex ‘Anuja’
    Adult 2-3 cakes 3 times a day. Maximum 2 tablets divided in daily quantity.
  2. Arnopen ‘phyto’
    For external use. Massage the affected part. Bake lightly.
  3. Cerratta Plus Reliance ‘
    In chronic disease, 2 tablets with milk 4 times a day for 4-6 months. In acute cases, 2-4 tablets 3 times a day for 2 weeks.
  4. Ksheerabala 101 Caps “Swadeshi
    2-2 capsules 3 times a day.
  5. KTBoil (KTBoil) ‘Nityananda’
    Apply on the affected area and lightly bake.
  6. Rhemol Homed ‘
    Rub the affected area.
  7. Rheumetex Dabur ‘
    Adult 5–10 ml, 2-3 times a day with water after meals. Infant 5 ml. (1 teaspoon) twice a day.
  8. Rheumasyl ‘flag
    Rub gently on the affected area. Do it later.
  9. Rheumayog with gold ‘Zandu’
    1 muffin 2 times a day 15 days. Maintenance 2 tablets 2 times a day for long periods of time at week intervals.
  10. Rumalaya, ‘Himalaya’
    Take 2-2 tablets 3 times a day.
  11. Rumaxel ‘Trio’
     Rub the affected part as much as necessary.
  12. Vanil ‘Remedies’
    2 capsules with milk 3 times a day.
  13. Vatholin ‘Kumar’
    Rub the affected area 2-3 times a day.

Patented therapy according to symptoms of sciatica

  1. In diseases of ordinary nature- ‘Reliance’ Co. Give Cerratta Plus 2-4 tablets 3 times a day for 3 weeks. Also massage the affected part with ‘Mahanarayan oil + Mahavishgarbha oil.
  2. In chronic disease- ‘Remedies’ Co. ‘Vanil’ 1 capsule, ‘Reliance’ Co. Ka ‘Kerata Plus’ 2 muffins, ‘Himalaya’ Co. ‘Handkerchief’ 1 muffin. Give one such quantity 3 times a day. Together ‘Zandu’ Co. ‘Rumasil’ item should be rubbed well on the affected part.
  3. The condition of constipation to the patient of gridhrasi- ‘Trio’ Co. ‘Rumaxel’ should be thoroughly rubbed in place of the affected pain. Dabur Co. Give ‘Rumetex’ quantity of 2 spoons with water after meals. At night, give castor oil with 2 tablespoons of warm milk.
  4. Gridharasi, treaty, inflammation or meat col- “Himalaya” Co. ‘Rumalia’ 2 muffins, ‘Universal’ Co. ‘Rumex’ 2 muffin, ‘Remedies’ Co. ‘Vanil’ 1 capsule. Give one such quantity 2 or 3 times a day according to the disease. ‘Rumalia’ cream or Trio Co. in place of the affected pain. Massage the ‘Rumaxel’ element.
  5. In all types of Ciatica disease- ‘Anuja’ Co. Actiflex 2 muffin, Remedies Co. ‘Vanil’ 1 capsule. Give one such quantity 3 times a day. Massage Mahanarayan oil + Mahavishgarbha oil on the affected part. The latter also a mild fomentation of the affected part.

Modern treatment of Sciatica

Modern medicines benefit from vitamins B1, B6, and B12. Simultaneously, analgesics such as diclofenac, patent additions of ibuprofen can be given. The disease does not progress further. The disease of normal condition is destroyed only by analgesics.

Among the vitamin formulations – Neurobion, Optineuron, Sioneuron, Neurotrate, etc. are prominent. These medicines come in injection, tablet form.

Analgesics- Micropyrin, Butapyrin, Butapyrin, Diclogesic, Diclomex, Lobak, Lobak, Dolonex (Dolonex), Ibu-Proxyvon (Ibu-Proxyvon), Voveran S. R. 100 (Voveran SR 100), IDSIN | (Idicin), Indocap etc. are prominent. These drugs come in tablet, capsule and injection form.

Medicines, Relaxil Containment, Lowran Gel, Volini ointment, Muscalt Containment etc. are medicines for external use. Using them with the above mentioned medicines gives quick benefit.